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— First 100 Days

F100 Days

The Challenge

Westpac were struggling to win the hearts of their customers and too many were leaving the bank within the first three months. Westpac knew that a customer’s experience in this time period was critical to their future value and it became clear that there were huge opportunities to improve the experience. To create solid foundations for deep and enduring relationships, Westpac needed a strategy to fundamentally transform how customers were brought on board.

The Solution

We radically redesigned the onboarding process with the end customer journey always front-of-mind. Shaped entirely around individual customer's behaviour, The First 100 Days programme recognises each action customers take and addresses all major customer pain points. This non-linear, multi-channel, creative contact strategy is fully adaptive to give customers exactly what they need, when they need it. It cleverly addresses both functional needs, like the simple set up of online banking and also emotional needs, like reassuring customers they have made the right decision and are with the right bank.

The Results

After just three months live, Westpac were already seeing the benefits with a significant reduction in churn, an increase in customer satisfaction scores, and a marked improvement on product cross-sell.

The Awards

NZDM Gold 

Auckland City Mission

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