AA Insurance - Seriously Sweet Easter 


Business Challenge

Who likes buying insurance? No one. Who needs insurance? Just about everyone.


AA Insurance offers policies for Home, Car, Contents and Small Businesses. And it’s an on-going challenge to sell this ‘grudge purchase’ in a crowded marketplace dominated by more established brands.


In 2018, AA Insurance launched ‘Live a little freer’, a campaign designed by our colleagues at DDB and a powerful brand platform, promising to set New Zealanders free from fear and be confident in the knowledge that AA Insurance had their backs.


However, despite a brand refresh, direct response activity was generic and results were indicting an incentive wear-out was on the horizon.


How could we capitalise on the up-coming Easter holidays to inject a new tone and vitality into our direct response activity?


To tackle this, we created a genuine call to arms to nudge prospects out of inertia – encouraging them to ‘Live a little sweeter’ with a unique, seasonal and memorable campaign. 


Our single minded proposition was, Living a little freer this Easter is rewarded with a sweet $50 Prezzy Card.


The creative was designed to work with our three distinct campaign phases - pre, during and post Easter. Using contextual media placements such as MetService weather checkers, we ensured our message was always unique and relevant to where and when customers viewed it.


We ensured each creative execution was clear and single-minded, but was also relevant to the specific media channel eg: in our digital adshels at bus shelters we added ‘don’t wait’ to the headline as a nod to what our prospects were likely doing at that moment in time.



This refreshed $50 Prezzy® card offer delivered a 29% boost in sales above plan and achieved the three highest sales days ever. A sweet result.