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At TRACK we enjoy sharing our views and thoughts about the challenges and opportunities facing our industry. We aim to provide a mix of fresh perspectives and actionable advice on how to grow customer value. And we can help bring you up to speed with new developments, trends and issues that matter.

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27 July 2022

Globally commissioned study, conducted by Forrester.

TRACK recently commissioned a global study, conducted by Forrester, to examine the state of personalisation today. The findings revealed that 78% of respondents had lost customers due to a lack of personalisation, while in NZ that figure went up to 82%.

23 February 2022

Digital transformation starts with the customer

Andy Bell, Managing Director of TRACK NZ explains how businesses can use data and technology to deepen their relationships with customers – and why they should.

11 November 2021

Why Wait For Perfect?

TRACK’s Leighton Gosnell and Sergei Stepanenko show how by taking ownership of good-enough data and just getting on with it, McDonald’s were able to realise their vision and translate data and technology into growth.

19 October 2021

Focus on the journey, not the map

Jodie Armstrong-Downes, Planning Partner at TRACK argues that the value of journey mapping to your business lies not in the maps themselves, but in the journeys that you take to create them.

05 October 2021

Apple iOS 15: The end of free-for-all data tracking isn’t the end of your business.

If you are worrying about what Apple’s recent iOS 15 software will update means for you, take a deep breath. As the floodgates of access to covert customer data begin to close, other doors remain wide open.

07 September 2021

Your customer experience needs a memory

TRACK’s Andy Bell argues that too often marketers underestimate the power of data to enable organisational memory in interactions with customers. Used wisely it can be the key to creating connections that are more relevant, helpful and personal.