10 Common Marketing Automation Pitfalls

17 July 2015

Written by Kate De Marco

Implementing a new marketing automation platform or assessing how to optimise the results from your current platform? Whether you’re scaling from 10’s to 1,000’s of lifecycle campaigns or taking stock of the ones you have in place make sure you don’t fall into any of these common traps -

1. Letting the technology and data outweigh the art of communication 
2. Overloaded & fragmented emails based on business efficiencies at the expense of customer comprehension 
3. Forgetting that data driven marketing is still about persuasion 
4. Versioning complexity that is time consuming without adding equivalent value 
5. Lack of focus on the end-to-end customer experience 
6. Setting up automated communications that are then neglected 
7. Hard wired rules that are inflexible to change over time 
8. Losing control of your data and decisioning (and having a 3rd party know more about your customers and conversations than you) 
9. Reporting that is not completed frequently due to being overly labour intensive & time consuming 
10. No positive impact on business value despite significant investment

These are the 10 most common mistakes that I’ve seen businesses make when automating their marketing communications. No. 1 across this list of traps to avoid is forgetting that marketing automation is still about connecting with people.

Businesses fall into these traps when they become overly focused on technology and data at the expense of customer experience and business outcomes. At TRACK we see marketing automation as a way to deliver great customer service and experiences to more of your customers when and where it will be of most value to them. It is these human experiences that determine the success of your marketing automation.

So before you unleash thousands of new lifecycle campaigns through your marketing automation platform take the time to make sure you can answer the following four questions. These will ensure you are on track for avoiding these common marketing automation traps -

1. What are you trying to achieve? 
What metrics do you want to shift? And how will you know what impact you are having? This may seem like a no-brainer, but results so often fall into the too hard or too busy category and not surprisingly your results won’t improve if you don’t have your eye on them.

2. What does your customer need from you? 
What actions or behaviour do you need from prospects or customers to move your metrics? And most importantly what is it that they need from you for them to take that action; education, motivation, reinforcement? And when that action isn’t right for them, what will you talk to them about next?

3. Have you defined the total customer experience? 
Marketing automation can’t fix your business issues in isolation. Your approach business-wide needs to centre on delivering experiences that meet your customers’ needs. Marketing automation will deliver part of the journey, but you need to ensure that the end-to-end customer experience will be effortless.

4. Do you know what’s going on under the hood? 
Finally do you have visibility of how your campaigns are set up? Who is being targeted, with what messages and how they are responding? And can you quickly and easily make changes to rules and messaging to keep improving how these perform and make them work harder for you?

If you need a hand with scaling up your lifecycle marketing and maximising the results you are getting from your marketing automation, contact Kate De Marco – Senior CRM Planner (kate.demarco@tracknz.com) or Andy Bell – Head of Strategy and Planning (andy.bell@tracknz.com).