Experience life on the streets in 360°

13 July 2017

In the latest from TRACK NZ for the Auckland City Mission, and in partnership with DDB and NZME's Branded Content Lab, comes a 360-degree video experience – dropping you onto the cold city pavement, exposed and alone, to fend for yourself in the midst of winter homelessness.

Its aim is to open viewers’ eyes to the harsh reality of life on the street. If they can see it for themselves, perhaps then they can understand the present hardship faced by those driven to sleep rough.

Real stories and performances from former homeless Aucklanders make this an accurate and encompassing 2 minute encounter, kicking off the Auckland City Mission’s winter appeal – which hopes to raise $300,000 to support the rising number of homeless people sleeping rough in Auckland.

"There's a lot of media coverage at the moment about the plight of our city's homeless and I'm sure people are concerned on an intellectual level," says TRACK NZ Creative Director, Jeff Harris. "But to really immerse Aucklanders in this issue on a visceral level that's impossible to ignore, we felt we needed to create a compelling experience that puts the viewer in their shoes."

Watch the video for yourself above and donate at www.winterwarriors.org.nz

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